Seldon Crisis is a loving exploration of Isaac Asimov's Foundation epic including a summary of each episode with selected quotations dramatically reenacted in an attempt to bring the huge range of fascinating characters and situations to life.

Host Joel McKinnon first read the epic in his teens and now wants to share his love for it with the world in podcast form. He regularly posts on Twitter and has a Youtube channel dedicated to the project (see links below). He would love to hear feedback on what listeners think of the podcast.

Musical collaborator Tom Barnes has arranged and produced McKinnon's original theme to provide a compelling atmosphere for this series.

Artist Mike Topping (despotica.com), illustrator and creator of book covers for the extended Foundation series as well as Asimov's Robots and Empire series, designed the original podcast art.

The Seldon Crisis podcast is not a simple retelling of the story, but a personal and philosophical reflection. Listeners should not consider it an alternative to reading the original stories, for every word written by Isaac Asimov is magical.

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