We begin the grand story of the unconsidered variable in Hari Seldon's equations, a mutant being of indescribable powers known only as the Mule. He conquers worlds overnight, including the honeymoon destination of Bayta and Toran Darrell. There they meet a clown fleeing from the planet's new lord, the Mule himself. They also encounter Captain Han Pritcher from the security forces, and eventually the Foundation's greatest scientist, Ebling Mis, the man who is the closest to understanding Seldon's psychohistory of any man in centuries. He knows another Seldon Crisis has arrived, and it directly involves the Mule. What will Hari Seldon proclaim in his long awaited return to the Vault?

Transcript: Web (Read/Listen) | PDF | MS Word

Script by Joel McKinnon
Voices by Amanda Kreitler and Joel McKinnon
Theme Orchestration by Tom Barnes
Sound Design by Jeremy MacKinnon
Art by Mike Topping – despotica.com
Music by Scott Buckley (Ambush, The Old Ones, Hiraeth, Hunted, The March of Midnight)
Music by Brian Joseph Davis (Work for 20 DVD Players)

Based on the novels of Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

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