Foundation has fallen to the Mule and the proud citizens of Terminus are shocked and dismayed. Haven is under siege and our heroes make a mad dash for the center of the Galaxy to find clues to the location of the fabled Second Foundation, the only hope of stopping the Mule from his goal of total galactic conquest. Join Toran & Bayta Darell with Ebling Mis and Magnifico the clown as they seek the ruins of the Imperial Library on Trantor in their frantic search for a powerful ally.

Transcript: Web (Read/Listen) | PDF | MS Word

Script by Joel McKinnon
Voices by Amanda Kreitler and Joel McKinnon
Theme Orchestration by Tom Barnes
Sound Design by Jeremy MacKinnon
Art by Mike Topping –
Music by Blear Moon – Learning from Kids

Based on the novels of Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

John W. Campbell (Wikipedia)

Joseph Campbell (Wikipedia)

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