The Science of Foundation with Stephen Webb

A wide-ranging conversation with astrophysicist Stephen Webb, owner of all the canonical works of Isaac Asimov save for a couple of wall charts. Dr. Webb talks about Asimov the teacher, speculations on the distant future of humanity in the galaxy, the plausibility of psychohistory, faster than light travel, robots with positronic brains, other favorite science fiction authors, and the biggest question of all – are we alone in the galaxy or even in the universe?

Transcript: Web (Read/Listen) | PDF | MS Word

Ed Seiler's canonical list of Asimov titles (the one Stephen claims to have all of in his library save for a few wall charts)

David Kuhns' even larger list of Asimovia (including videotapes, computer and board games)

Asimov Online (the ultimate Asimov site)

Where is Everybody? (Stephen's TED talk on the Fermi Paradox)

Where is Everybody? (Second Edition of Stephen's book on the Fermi Paradox)

Other titles by Stephen Webb:
All the Wonder that Would Be
New Light through Old Windows

End of the World with Josh Clark (podcast on Fermi Paradox and various existential risks)

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