Young Arkady Darell is crazy about the history of the Foundation and her grandmother Bayta's historic duel with the Mule. When her father and friends conspire to uncover the hidden workings of the fabled Second Foundation, she finds a way to join the conspiracy by stowing away aboard a spaceship bound for the vacation planet of Kalgan along with the Foundation's foremost scholar of Muliana, Homir Munn.

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Script by Joel McKinnon
Voices by Megan Skye Hale, Jon Blumenfeld, Amanda Kreitler, and Joel McKinnon
Theme Orchestration by Tom Barnes
Sound Design by Jeremy MacKinnon
Art by Mike Topping –
Additonal music from Dream Protocol and Ashot Danielyan

Based on the novels of Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

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Amanda Kreitler
Jon Blumenfeld
Megan Skye Hale
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