A little diversion to introduce a true labor of love, my rock opera entitled "Planet and Sky, a cosmic love story." Written and recorded in the first decade of this millennium and inspired by my experience as a member of the Mars Society. It's a creation myth wrapped in a sci-fi story in which scientists investigate a strange phenomena on a small arid planet and discover something truly astonishing. The album also has an accompanying podcast which you'll hear more about in Part II in a few weeks.

Transcript: Web (Read/Listen) | PDF | MS Word

The Mars Society Website

Planet and Sky on Bandcamp

Planet and Sky, album and podcast

Literature and History Podcast

Theme Orchestration by Tom Barnes
Art by Sophia Valko

Such is Love written and performed by the Max Wyvern Band:
  • Max Wyvern (aka Joel McKinnon): Bass and vocals, words, music
  • Melissa Olsen: Keyboards and vocals
  • Byron Bellamy: Vocals and Sound Engineering
  • Lance Tabor: Guitars
  • Darryl Dardenne: Drums
  • Mastering: Tom Barnes
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