I couldn't wait to tell the rest of the story, covering the last four songs of Planet and Sky, a cosmic love story. Things take a darker turn as the relatively small planet lacks sufficient gravity to hold onto its atmosphere. First we hear from the Travelers again as they gradually become frozen below the surface, then Sky sings her mournful aria to Planet informing him of their demise. We then get an empty, barren world, until the scientists come up with a plan. I share some background on my favorite song and feature it at the end of the episode.

Transcript: Web (Read/Listen) | PDF | MS Word

Planet and Sky on Bandcamp

Planet and Sky, album and podcast

Planet My Love with Nomi Harper and Colyn Fischer performed at an Open Mic

Friedrich Edelmann and Rebecca Rust website

Video recordings of Friedrich and Rebecca

Literature and History Podcast

Theme Orchestration by Tom Barnes
Art by Sophia Valko

Planet My Love written and performed by the Max Wyvern Band:
  • Max Wyvern (aka Joel McKinnon): Bass and vocals, words, music
  • Melissa Olsen: Keyboards and vocals
  • Byron Bellamy: Vocals and Sound Engineering
  • Lance Tabor: Guitars
  • Darryl Dardenne: Drums
  • Mastering: Tom Barnes
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